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In all our farming we aim to farm with the highest welfare standards and in a sustainable way that looks after the land that we farm, this means farming sensitively with the environment and wildlife of our farm.

We have a Farm near Wickham, where the farm shop is based, and another near Bishops Waltham,
 as well as renting more land in the Meon Valley area.
Our cattle
We rear Hereford and Aberdeen Angus Cattle crosses, breeds that are native to the British Isles and are known for their fantastic meat quality and taste.  All our cattle spend the summer out at grass and during the winter cattle spend their winters in straw bedded barns and are fed high quality silage (fermented grass) conserved from the summer. 
Our sheep
Our Sheep are lowland Crossbreed ewes and the lambs from them are fathered by a Texel and Hampshire Down rams. The Texel breed is known for its excellent carcass conformation and taste.  The ewes are brought indoors for lambing in March, allowing for careful monitoring during lambing to make sure everything runs smoothly. Lambs are turned out with the ewes in the spring.
The ewes are sheared in early June, as their woolly fleeces grow all year round, and will be too hot in the summer. It is at this time of year that the lambs, now weighing over 25kg, are weaned from their mothers. The ewes and lambs now go their separate ways, with the lambs getting the best fields of grass to fatten.
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